Dolphin Hand Held Massager with Infrared Rays

Get entire body relaxation with pulsating or tapping massage!

Just imagine coming home from a day hard work, turning on your professional massager and almost instantly, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Massage your body and neck effectively. It simulates a real hand massage. Get a total body massage while watching TV in the comfort of your home!
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◎ Benefits - Dolphin Massager

  • Relieve shoulder spasm
  • Reduce fatigue and muscle tension
  • Improve poor blood circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Great for arthritic pain
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What's so special about this personal Dolphin massager

This amazing portable massager is more than just making your body feel better. The Dolphin like massager machine is a portable and very powerful. The electrical massager emits infra red heat to stimulate and relieve sore muscles. With adjustable pulsating speed and tapping action, this electrical massager is a great treatment for total relaxation!

Powerful, lightweight and ergonomically designed

This infrared handheld Massager is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce muscular tension and pain. Unlike other similar massager, this one comes with an adjustable pulsating massage program and infrared rays to give you a complete relaxation over the entire body

How Does This Dolphin Hand Held Massager Feel?

With interchangeable smooth and acupressure massage balls, this hand held massager feels like acupressure massage. The powerful elastic massage ball helps relieve tense muscles and is very effective in relieving pain. Use this massager for all typical points of body massage.

The electric massager offers a series of powerful, penetrating percussion pulses to loosen up tight muscles. This massager is the perfect solution for a long day on the job or an active afternoon in the garden!

Top 5 Major Reasons To Try Dolphin Hand Held Massager

  • Wonderful massage anywhere and anytime
  • Entire body relaxation
  • Feels like acupressure massage
  • Amazingly simple to use and lightweight
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Who should use the Dolphin Hand Held Massager?

  • Computer users with nagging back and shoulder pain
  • Over-stressed Office workers
  • People with poor blood circulation
  • Sporters with sore muscle
  • [Waist]
  • [Back]
  • [Thigh]
The massager is also effective for muscle pain as a result of playing sports and for reducing stress.

[ Testimonials ]

"I am quite please with the massage power. it gives me strong massage at my back. Cord length is 12 ft, so don't stay too far away from wall outlet. Very happy with the product. "
Silvia, San Diego, California
"It's lightweight, easy to reach the back and powerful. Good product for this price. "
Andrew, Louisiana, New Orleans
Dolphin Massager
Now Only US $49
shipping $10

[ Special Features ]

  • Infrared Rays
  • Adjustable tapping speed
  • Adjustable pulsating massage intensity
  • Two interchange massage head

[ How To Use ] - This Hand Held Massager

  • Plug in massager's power cord into wall outlet.
  • Press the orange power button to turn on the massager (press orange button again to turn off)
  • When the massager is on, press the green button if you want a pulsating massage (massager will vibrate every two seconds).
  • Increase the intensity of the massage by pressing on the + button. Press the button to decrease the intensity of the massager.

[ Specifications / Precautions ]

  • Do not use the Dolphin Massager in a wet or damp environment.
  • Store the Dolphin Massager in a clean & dry place, when not in use.
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Dolphin Hand Held Massager with Infrared Rays

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