Tapping Back Massager

The Chi Tapping Massage Pillow soothes your lower back. Based on the principles of acupressure, it acts as a shiatsu massager, kneading away stress, tightness, aches, and pains. Order the massage pillow today and do your back a favor every time you sit down.

◎ Benefits of Back Massager

  • Acts as a shiatsu massager
  • Knead away stress
  • Eliminate tightness & stress
  • Get rid of aches and pains
  • Portable and easy to use
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Tapping Back Massager

Its a shiatsu massager that fits right on your chair or couch.

When placed on your chair or couch, the Chi Tapping Massage Pillow is designed to fit perfectly on the lower back, adding comfortable support and relief to your lumbar region. Enjoy the health benefits of an invigorating massage at home or at work. You can also use your massage pillow lying down to massage your legs, back, and shoulders.

Very easy to use!

The Chi Tapping Massage Pillow is simple to use. While the massage pillow is placed on a chair, couch, or the floor, simply press the power button (on the wired controller) and you will automatically feel a tapping sensation on your back. Press the facing upward arrow to increase the speed and intensity of tapping or press the downward facing arrow to decrease the speed and intensity of the tapping.

Take your tapping massage pillow wherever you go!

To relieve tired, sore muscles, and stress, it helps to have the soothing touch of an innovative tapping massage pillow. With the handy carrying case, you can take the relaxation with you to the office, to any room at home, or on trips. Order your tapping massage pillow today!

How Does Tapping Back Massager Feel?

This back massager provides a Shiatsu massage by giving you the feeling of fingers tapping, squeezing, and rubbing on your back. This massager is similar to the Shiatsu back massager but the tapping massager does not have the knocking function.
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Tapping Back Massager

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