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How do you make money as an affiliate?

Find a product that takes away people's pain and promote it. Simple.

In most cases, pain is simply a metaphor for anything that customers need or really want. However, with our affiliate program, you could soon be making thousands in commissions by promoting our excellent range of soothing and pain-relieving massage products.

Back pain, fatigue and tired muscles affect millions of people every year, and there is a huge market of people who are looking for relief from these aches and pains, in the comfort of their own home. Our amazing range of massage machines and equipment allows customers to do just that, providing great value for money, and a quick and effective way to soothe away their pain.

Why You Could Soon Be Making Money with Chi Massager’s affiliate program

  • Get started straight away with our quick and simple signup
  • Upload ready made banners, links and web copy to promote our products
  • Our great website & products convert your traffic into sales
  • We are specialized in massager machines, so more commission for you

Promote Great Specialized Products That Customers Want To Buy

Every year, people spend millions of dollars on products that help soothe their back pain and aching muscles. Our fantastic range of effective massage products and equipment provide the comfort and relief our customers are looking for, and are always in demand.

You could be earning thousands in commissions payments, simply by helping us to promote the massager products your site visitors are going to want to buy. Any good affiliate will tell you the key to success is finding a great program that provides quality, in-demand products, and our affiliate scheme does just that.
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Do Your Other Affiliate Programs Give You All This?

  • Sign up straight away, with no waiting around
  • Professionally designed banners and copy for your site
  • An incredible 20% from each sale you refer
  • Commissions paid regularly, and on time
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Top 3 Question you should ask yourself

  1. Are you're tired of waiting months to get your commissions from the big affiliate programs that only give you a small percentage on the sales you send them?
  1. Are you fed up with the retailers whose website and products don't convert the traffic you provide?
  1. Isn't it time you joined an affiliate program that will make you the kind of money a successful affiliate should make?

If one of your answer is: YES! Time to join our affiliate program here!

Our affiliate program is designed to make sure you get the maximum reward for the traffic you send us. Not only do we provide you with the marketing materials you need to convert your existing traffic, we want to support you in getting more traffic to your site with our expertly written articles.

More traffic means the chance for us to make more sales, and you to make more commissions. Getting started as one of our affiliates is simple, and could have you earning money in just a few hours.

3 simples steps top start earning commissions today
  1. Complete our quick and easy signup form
  2. Start promoting our excellent range of massage products
  3. Sit back and wait for your affiliate commissions
What could be easier? Take action today and join one of the most rewarding affiliate programs in the market, and finally get the commissions you deserve – Click here to sign up now!

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