Shiatsu Back Massager with Heated Jade Stones

Get total back relaxation with heated shiatsu massage

Just imagine coming home from a day hard work, turning on your heated back massager and almost instantly, you feel your back relaxed and rejuvenated. Massage your lower body effectively. It simulates a real hand shiatsu massage. Why wait until you are at home to get a massage? Get a total back massage while sitting in your office chair now!
SHIATSU back massager

◎ Major Benefits of Back Massager

  • Relieves back muscle fatigue
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Releases toxins and increases overall health
  • Great for arthritic pain
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What's so special about this Shiatsu Lower Back Massager

lowr back massager
This apple shape back massager comes with two massage rollers made with jade to give you a relaxing deep shiatsu massage. When heated the special jade rollers emits far infrared to enhance the blood circulation of you body.

This apple shape back massager comes with two massage rollers made with jade to give you a relaxing deep shiatsu massage. When heated the special jade rollers emits far infrared to enhance the blood circulation of your body.

Enjoy a therapeutic Back Massage without Spending $2000 on a Massage Chair.

Just place this massager at you back to relieve your muscle tension right way. Turn any chair into a luxurious massage chair. This shiatsu back massager cost only a fraction of the expensive massage chair. Save thousands with this heated back massager!

Therapeutic treatment with Jade stone

Jade stones is used in Gua Sha, an ancient from China. But now you can have both the jades stone and the massage. All in one back massager!

Normally, a jade stone can cost you $300, but now you get these imitation jade stones integrated into a luxurious massager for only a fraction of the massage chair.

Relaxing, portable and ergonomically designed

This fashionable back massager is small and lightweight. Designed to be portable. You can take this massager anywhere to give yourself a deep shiatsu massage, especially during a hard working day. Great for lower back pain!

The size of the massage cushion makes it very easy to move around. You can use the massage cushion at home, in the office, or during travel:
  • Office Chairs
  • Recliners
  • Camping Chairs
  • Folding Chairs
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Even works in Wheel Chairs

How Does This Shiatsu Back Massager Feel?

You will experience a Thai massage with this massager. The heated roller provides a firm massage, just enough to make it feel like the touch of a real and experienced massage therapist. The heated back massager provides a gentle kneading and circular massage, which feels like you're getting a Thai massage from a therapist.

The shiatsu back massager offers a series of powerful, penetrating rolling massage to loosen up tight back muscles. This back massager is the perfect solution for a long day on the job or an active afternoon in the garden!

Top 10 Major Reasons To Try Shiatsu Back Massager

  • Wonderful back massage anywhere and anytime
  • Eliminate body stiffness while sitting all day long
  • Loosen back muscles
  • Feels like shiatsu massage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Amazingly simple to use and lightweight
  • Turn any chair into your favorite chair
  • Save thousands without spending on massage chair
  • Save time and money spending on massage therapist

Who should use the Shiatsu Back Massager?

  • Computer users with nagging back and shoulder pain
  • Over-stressed Office workers
  • Laborers with nagging back pain.
  • People with poor blood circulation
  • Retired people with sore muscle
  • Those who have back pain from playing sports.

[ Testimonials ]

"Bought this massager 2 weeks ago. I like the rolling massage at my back, especially when it's heated. Feels great. Great product and a good price. It's a fraction of the cost of the massage chairs."
Jeff, New York, New York
"Got this as a gift last Christmas. This massage cushion relieves my back, & shoulder pain. I use it almost every day. The shiatsu & heat together is great."
Bonnie, San Francisco, California
New Lower Back Massager
Now Only US $89
shipping $16

[ Special Features ] - Back Massager with Heat:

  • Heat
  • Massage rollers made of Jade
  • Variable speed control provides a gentle or exhilarating massage.
  • Wired remote control (never misplaced it or lost it) Easy access

[ How To Use ] - This Shiatsu Back Massager

  • Insert the power cord into a wall outlet.
  • Turn on the power switch on the side of the massager.
  • You will feel a knocking massage right away when the power switch is on.
  • The adjacent button controls the intensity of the massage (choose weak or strong).
  • You can choose the massage in.
This lower back massager is most effective for your lower back when the massager is placed on a chair or a couch.

Small Shiatsu Back Massager - Lower Back Massager

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