Chi View Eye Massager

Are your eyes tired spending too much time looking at your computer screen, reading or driving? This will cause stress and tension in the nerves around your eye. Here is an easy and quick way to relieve your sore and tired eyes. Let your eyes enjoy the relaxing moment with Chi View eye massager.

◎ Benefits of Eye Massager

  • Alleviates eye fatigue
  • Reduces puffiness & dark circles
  • Relieves eyestrain & brain fatigue
  • Relieves sinus pain and pressure
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- Relax with the soothing chi view Eye Massager

The vibrating foam pads of the Chi View eye massager work on the pressure points at the temples, across the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to improve blood circulation, release tension and aid stress management for a drug-free headache cure.

Using new acupressure technology, sore eyes, migraines and sinus problems are massaged away in minutes! This eye massager combines the Chinese traditional acupuncture and massage theory, heat therapy and negative ion therapy to alleviate eye fatigue, eye pouch and dark circles.

What's so Special About chi view eye massager?

Chi View Eye Massager has four special features to relieve your sore eyes:

Negative ion therapy:
Scientific studies have shown that negative ions can improve metabolism, relieve fatigue, and make your eyes feel invigorated and refreshed.
Negative ions are typically found in the natural environment at the seashore, near waterfalls and in forests.

Heat therapy:
Traditional Chinese medicine uses heat therapy to help enhance blood circulation. Heat therapy for eyes can improve blood circulation in the eye, and relax the eye muscles immediately. Different temperatures are available in the heat therapy mode of the eye massager.

Air pressure massage:
The human touch finger massage around your eyes is simulated by the different air pressure modes of the Chi View eye massager. This air pressure enhances blood circulation in your eyes, which alleviates eye tension and fatigue right away.

Vibration massage:
15 diversified vibration massage modes will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and soothing experience in the eyes.

[ Testimonials ]

"I recently tried the Chi View yey massager and it helped me sleep better. sleep. I'd recommend this product to anyone experiencing insomnia. I love the simulated acupuncture massaging around my eyes. It feels great"
Bern, Phoenix, Arizona
"This is a innovative machine. Well made outside and with a soft portion inside. I'm working behind my computer every day. This eye massager is a great way to relaxe my tired eyes. Such a great innovation!"
Jeremy, Boston, Massachusetts
Eye Massager
Now Only US $149
shipping $9

[ How To Use ] - This chi view Eye Massager

  • To ease eyestrain and brain fatigue, use the eye massager 5 – 15 minutes each time.
  • To induce better sleep, use the eye massager 5 – 15 minutes before going to sleep.
  • To lessen eye puffiness and dark circles, use the eye massager for 5 – 15 minutes each time for 2 – 3 times a day.

Chi View Eye Massager

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