Percussion Massagers - Benefits of Percussion Massage Therapy

A Massager That Follows The Beat of Its Own Drum...

If your music career as a drummer doesn’t work out to well for you, you could always become a masseuse who specializes in percussion massage!

All kidding aside, we have all learned in elementary school music class what a percussion instrument is. It’s a musical instrument that reverberates with a sound when you strike it by hand or with another object such as a drumstick or a mallet.

Drums are the most common examples of percussion instruments. So it follows that percussion massagers follow the same principle:

By repeatedly striking or tapping the body with quick, rapid, and firm strokes, you are sending waves of pleasure sensations that reverberate through the subject’s body.

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Is It Time To Take Massage Matters Into Your Own Hands?

Percussion massagers come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on your particular preferences, and catering to your various diverse needs.

  • Hand-held percussion massagers are great for individuals who are capable of and willing to administer massages on themselves. You simply plug it in (or switch it on if it is battery powered) and start moving it over the parts of the body you wish to massage.
  • The use of hand-held percussion massagers can also be an intimate human experience. If you have a partner who is willing to hold the massager and administer the massage over you, this can help the subject relax even further, since the massage will be more of a passive experience.
  • Percussion massagers also come in the form of portable chair accessories as well. You can attach it to any chair or couch, and the massager will apply percussion massage techniques up and down your entire back.
  • If you prefer, you can buy a massage chair that comes with a massager built-in, as opposed to being a separate, portable add-on.
  • Percussion massagers are also available in the form of portable massage mattresses, tables, or beds. The subject can receive a percussion massage by lying down passively. No intervention from another person is required.

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Benefits of Using Percussion Massagers

There are many different types of massage techniques, such as shiatsu, Swedish, or Indian.

The percussion massage offers its own unique benefits as well.
  • Percussion massagers help to stimulate the flow of blood through the body.
  • Percussion massagers can help to relieve pressures that are ailing you within the body.

During a typical hour-long massage session, you won’t find that percussion massage is used for more than a few minutes. It is usually used to awaken the senses and as a “warm up technique” for more relaxing massage techniques to follow.

Typically, massage is associated with calmness and serenity, whereas percussion massagers may seem to cause more stimulation due to their rapid-fire nature of application.

But you may be surprised at what a difference using percussion massagers for a few minutes each day can make to your overall sense of well-being and to the quality of your life.

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Percussion Massager Safety

Percussion massagers can cause pain and discomfort for some people, if the speed or the intensity of the pressure being applied is a little too excessive.

So always ensure that you have the means to quickly change the speed control of or stop the use of the percussion massager altogether, at will.
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Percussion Massagers - Benefits of Percussion Massage Therapy

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